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Contact: Concession Superintendent :

Chris Nehrig
P.O. Box 94
Homer City, PA 15748


Concessionaires are bound by the terms of the contract they sign at the time of securing concessions. In addition, they are liable to the supervision of the Management. The right is reserved to enforce whatever rules appear necessary for the regulation of the Concessions.

All applications for concessions should be in the hands of the Concession Manager by date on contract. A deposit of $100.00 min. or 25% concession rental must be paid when concession privilege is granted.

The abuse of any privilege granted by extortion, impure or unwholesome food, sale of dishonest goods, untidy appearance of booths, extension of bounds allotted or other acts or practices objectionable to the Indiana County Fair Association will forfeit all rights and privileges without recourse.

All booths, stands and tents serving or dispensing foods, drinks, confections, etc. will be under supervision of the State Health Department. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

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