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Eric Paslay

Honesty is a powerful magnet that always draws an eager audience and it has proven to be a potent tool in Eric Paslay’s creative arsenal. Sometimes playful, often poignant and always thoroughly entertaining, the 6’ 4” singer/songwriter with the fiery red hair and easy smile has quickly earned a reputation as an artist that knows how to capture the attention of an audience and hold them in the palm of his hands.

All it takes is seeing Paslay perform once to become hooked, a fact that has become obvious as he’s toured the country, opening for Little Big Town, The Eli Young Band, Jake Owen and others. Prior to the release of his EMI Nashville debut album, fans have been able to purchase a five-song sampler at Paslay’s shows. “The very first night we got to sell them I gave the merch guy two boxes and he sold out,” Paslay says in a tone that exudes a mixture of humility and awe. After Paslay did the math, he realized that one in 12 attendees went home with his CD. “I’m just excited that I made some fans and they got to take me with them. I’m excited that my music is out there.”

When country music fans see Paslay perform, they want to take his music home and make his songs the soundtrack of their lives. Whether he’s performing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry or taking his place this summer on the Country Throwdown Tour sharing his new hit, “If the Fish Don’t Bite,” Paslay always knows how to reel a crowd in.

His music has substance and depth, but his debut album is every bit as entertaining and accessible as it is meaningful, and therein lies Paslay’s charm. “It’s hopeful music,” he says describing his style. “There’s only one sad song on the whole record and that’s ‘Amarillo Rain,’ but there’s still a beauty behind it that makes people feel alive somehow.”

Paslay has the ability to paint vivid portraits in his songs and he does just that with his new single, “If The Fish Don’t Bite,” a sly, sexy romp about a guy who has plans for his girl beyond casting a line in the water. “A lot of guys are annoyed by chicks coming to fish when it can be a lot of fun,” he says with a smile. “If the fish aren’t biting, why not cuddle up a little closer?”


"There isn’t a bad song to be found on Eric Paslay and it truly is an early contender for the best Country Album of 2014." - Roughstock

Eric Paslay Track Listing:
1. “Keep On Fallin’” (Eric Paslay, Matt Nolan, Skip Black)
2. “Friday Night” (Eric Paslay, Rose Falcon, Rob Crosby)
3. “Less Than Whole” (Eric Paslay, Kenny Alphin)
4. “Country Side Of Heaven” (Eric Paslay, Dylan Altman, Shane McAnally)
5. “Never Really Wanted” (Eric Paslay, Walt Aldridge)
6. “Here Comes Love” (Eric Paslay, Anthony Cappolino)
7. “Like A Song” (Eric Paslay, Jason Delkou)
8. “Good With Wine” (Eric Paslay, Jessi Alexander, Gordie Sampson)
9. “She Don’t Love You” (Eric Paslay, Jennifer Wayne)
10. “Song About A Girl” (Eric Paslay, Jessi Alexander, Gordie Sampson)

11. “Deep As It Is Wide” (Eric Paslay)