Harvest Home Service (Sunday 7:30PM) Presents "The Masters Plan"

The Master’s Plan 



 Jean Anthony, Bruce & Allison Cornelius, & Ray Alexander 
 The Master’s Plan is an a cappella gospel quartet. 
Originally established in 2006, the quartet welcomed 
Jean Anthony in 2011. Bruce and Ray sang together in 
barbershop quartets previous to the forming of The 
Master’s Plan. Allison and Jean performed together in 
various choral groups in high school. Each vocalist 
brings a wide range of vocal experience to the group. 
 It is the desire of the Master’s Plan to develop the 
gift God has given them to the best of their ability, so 
that through their singing, others are blessed and Christ 
receives all the praise. 
For more information on The Master’s Plan: 
Phone: 814-371-2823